Hedonist – The Collapse

Hedonist-The-Collapse-2016After their 2014 split with Your Highness, Hedonist now return with a first full-length album. The front and back artwork are cool and something different (and titties always sell). The music is pretty serious shizzle though. Some of the songs start out like they’d belong on a heavy Alabama Thunderpussy album, but then again they wouldn’t. Hedonist are all about heavy-duty rock’n'roll (which essentially lands them somewhere between groove metal and stoner).
Of course, with three people in a band, there’s only so many ways you can go. The album starts out with some power chord tracks, trusting all sense of melody to chord progressions only. Can work for a while, especially with the greasy, gritty distortion Hedonist have going on, but not for wa whole album. Luckily, ‘Body like a battle axe’ and some subsequent tracks have an increased ratio of lead guitar and so the riffs can entertain sufficiently.
Overall, the compositions on The Collapse remain fairly straightforward and tracks like ‘Knives & Lint’ can’t quite charm me, while other tracks can. The album didn’t get me into a full-on headbanging frenzy, but as often with these kind of tracks, they are irresistibly groovy when hearing them live. When in doubt, try it out!

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