Ovtrenoir – Eroded

a0232342110_5Ovtrenoir’s “Eroded” is the first album from a newly formed band, but it sounds like the best release of a veteran post-metal outfit. There aren’t that many albums approaching my favorite post-metal disc ever (being Mass III) but this one is coming close. It’s entertaining from beginning to end, with that typical massive sound, projecting the guitars raw and clearly at the same time.
The songwriting abilities are top-notch: the songs themselves are perfectly constructed. No extreme change of gears, but natural flows of different rhythms and melodies make every song a real pleasure to give your attention to. The alternations from hard riffs to open passages to melodic structures couldn’t have been placed better.
Also at the tactical level (the riffs) Ovtrenoir achieves a immaculate dialogue between all participants. There frequently is a sense of continuity and of heavy accents simultaneously. “Eroded” has a great sound, great songs, and no apparent flaws in its design nor execution. Truly a fresh touch.

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