Innerwoud – Mirre

innerwoud-mirreInnerwoud is, such as many drone/ambient projects, a one-man effort. This time, our protagonist isn’t using an electric guitar but a double bass. Of course, it’s a string instrument and with some electronics you can probably make them sound alike. The neat thing is that Innerwoud’s melodic lines on ‘Dar’ do sound quite unprocessed, and the warm (vibrato) sound of such an acoustic instrument is a true moodsetter.
Two guest musicians are also mentioned (for percussion and vocals respectively), both whom produce sounds as ethereal as the double bass. Just like the first track, ‘Mirre’ proves rather minimalistic but to its advantage: you can easily imagine any dramatic medieval Hollywood scene being underscored by this track.
The final two tracks descend into a darker region, as melody and emotional aspects make way for a more sinister undertone. While fine soundscaping by themselves, it’s unfortunate that the first tracks were so immensely gripping: the contrast is somewhat disappointing.
Still, Innerwoud has shown its worth with this debut album – I would buy if for the first two tracks alone. And let’s hope the follow-up has more where that came from.

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