Terzij De Horde – Self

slefTerzij De Horde is a Dutch black metal band, and they’re getting their first full-length release on CD, tape and vinyl (each by a different label). The cover alone (depicting ants zombified by parasitic fungi) tells you that this is something different than the default misanthropic blastfest. Indeed this album explores the philosophy concerning the self in relation to the world.
Musically, the band express this topic in a modern and measured approach. While the tempo varies from slow and melancholy to fast and intense, the guitars are turning the album into what it is (the mix also accents them the most). They really got the hang of weaving a tension within each riff, dissonant or not. The focus is on melody and an always questioning attitude, not aggressiveness. Even in the most furious parts (such as the beginning of Contre Le Monde) the tremolo and blast beats convey not a raging emotion but a calculated path aiming for a certain sound. The unfortunate bit is that within their own awesome style, the band do not stray from the chosen path – a change of vocal style would’ve been welcomed, for one.
Terzij De Horde’s effort is certainly worthwile discovering, and might seriously challenge you when doing so. The lyrics might be interesting, but the CD edition they’re not included. Personally, I still prefer ball-gripping, naturally powerful black metal (such as my favorite Dutch band Cirith Gorgor’s older albums). Self is hard and abstract album but probably very rewarding if you can put it on repeat.

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