Noveller & thisquietarmy – Reveries

NovellerConsouling’s print run of Reveries is in fact a re-release after it sold out in 2014, with two bonus tracks thrown in for good measure. Two well-known soundscape artists have joined forces on this album, and their progeny is one of ethereal beauty.
The duo’s combined guitar effects are extremely delicate: the music has a fleeting quality to it, almost untouchable and soothing in its repetitiveness. Sometimes, another layer, with the slightest touch of power and will in it, provides some tension and brings some contrast to the eversweet strings. Yet overall, the songs are peaceful and their creators intertwined in harmony. The bonus tracks, especially the last one, are different in style (we actually hear guitar chords strummed!) but therefore a most interesting addition.
Reveries feels very basic – there’s little experimental or dissonant stuff going on – but does what it does perfectly.

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