CHVECHVE is the acronym of the one man behind this album; a man that is musically best known as Amenra’s vocalist. But besides that and a few other projects, he has recorded RASA as a solo effort. It is a transient journey to the emotional layers of your consciousness, or even beyond – if you allow yourself to be taken there. Colin remains very minimalistic, in the sense that only vocals, a hurdy gurdy, and some percussion are used.
Due to the rich production, the hurdy gurdy and vocals are transformed into a continuous soundscape that works extremely hypnotizing. The bodhran beats joining in halfway really convey the feeling of a one way trip into the spiritual unknown. The only oddity (as I perceive it) is the use of an actual drum kit later on, which shatters the dreaminess of RASA and somewhat forces the mind back into focus due to the harsher, familiar sounds.
Still, that’s all a personal opinion and regardless of that, CHVE’s solo explorations were definitely worth the attempt. Nice (and intriguingly packaged CD) release.

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