Adoran – Children of Mars

adoranAdoran’s new album is the brainchild of Aidan Baker (drums) and Dorian Williamson (bass). What? Drum’n'bass? And two tracks that take up exactly one full hour? I’m buckling up because I have no idea where we’re going with this.
Deimos, track one, is a 22-minute ode to nothingness. That is to say, the bass (although not recognized as such, with effects and all that) produces a haunting but simplistic drone that waves up and down, and up and down. Dark, gloomy and so lifeless that it feels like an eerie wind just howling through emptiness. The drums are an excellent addition, however, considering they’re mixed in rather in the distance. The rhythmic accentuations are (I admit, unexpectedly) effective.
Phobos is a monster of 38 minutes, to which Deimos was just the prelude. The droning goes on, but now with a bulldozing distortion and drums which have broken loose. I’m not going to spoil the whole thing, but don’t expect a lullaby soundscape.
Whether you’ll enjoy this release depends, for a decent part, on how you experience the drumming. With its ever-changing beats, you’ll either go mad or think it’s fantastic.

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