SardoniS – III

sardonisSardoniS is a Belgian duo, and to my surprise (I didn’t know them until now) one is credited with the guitars, the other with the drums. So… no vocals? That’s right, no vocals. Before we head on to the music, let me just compliment the band on the artwork and layout, although I was almost expecting something like Primordial instead of stoner/sludge.
And that is exactly what SardoniS has to offer: instrumental stoner/doom/sludge. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything that’s on that album, is there to like. There’s a greased-up fuzzy guitar tone that jams out riffs non-stop, flowing from one to another with the necessary twists and turns: from heavy to heavier, then back to groovy and fast, and keep on going. The drums have an equally attractive sound, which is not too polished. I’m not saying it sounds lo-fi acoustic either (not at all) but it sounds authentic and natural. The sound as a whole is perfect for the genre.
That being said, I find it a pity that vocals are left out. SardoniS’ tracks do manage to entertain, but after every new riff I keep on expecting a voice to make its appearance. Half of the time, while listening to this album, I imagined how the vocals could sound, or what their timing would be on this riff or that melody.
Respect to the band for what they have done (three album in a row?) and the quality with which they’ve done it. They probably have a valid reason for the vocal omission, but in my logic a good band with a good vocalist ‘or vice versa) becomes a great band.

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