Lost Souls Carnival – Collection of carefully selected

lostLost Souls Carnival brings about an incredibly refreshing stream of audio, amidst my daily dose of metal. Their collection of seven tracks feature irresistible positive vibes, a groove you simply must give in to, and a sweet overall sound. There are lots of influences from the stoner and southern rock department. One being the perfectly dosed fuzz and overdrive on the guitars. Another being the general riff approach, with typical drum beats and catchy riffing. And even the vocals feel like they were custom built for this job.
It’s ofcourse a no-go to classify the album strictly as such – there are some deviations from the genres proper (towards the bluesy and the postrock), but who cares anyway? This is one of those albums where you just need to turn the volume up – the music will take care of the rest. Some of these tracks I can almost imagine being aired on the radio – but they’re borderline heavy and the guitars are pretty gritty. A tad more docile compositions would certainly stand a chance though. As it stands, I think this album achieves great succes in energizing and satisfying the listener and personally, that’s all I ask.
And one more thing: I fucking love the harmonica leads.

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