Deuil – Shock/Deny

deuilDeuil produces a hypnotic kind of black metal. It provides a constant blasting rhythm, but spiced with slower triplets and shifting accents. At a glance, both songs (fifteen minutes each) are balanced between inducing a trancelike state, and entertaining with changing riffs and ideas. The ingredients are all there, in a mix that is both qualitative and raw. Yet I have difficulty deciding whether this album can fascinate me sufficiently.
The vocals are the default raspy screams – not bad by any means, but predictable and a tad too omnipresent, like in the second part of Shock. I guess the dronelike nature of the riffs, combined with similar repetitive screaming, throws that precarious balance off to the bad side.
Musically though, both the sludgy and agressive black metal parts are composed solely to breathe a dissonant, gloomy atmosphere. I do very much appreciate the up-tempo parts, as the blastbeats, floating guitar melodies and even vocals merge and soar to a higher level. Not truly epic, but still evoking emotions. These are great parts. The sludgy sections aren’t as convincing. They do sound evil but they lack the intensity or a true dark spirit – for that, you’ll rather listen to Leviathan, Nightbringer or Svartidaudi. With Deuil, for me it’s just too empty musically in their slow passages. I want to get fucking overwhelmed by hateful sounds, and that’s the feeling I’m getting only half the time (you guessed it, on the faster sections).
In the middle of Deny, there’s very Taake-like riffing. Write a whole album in that vein, and it would be amazing.

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