Monnik – Vondeling

monnikMonnik’s a one-man project, and this debut release features two tracks for a total of almost forty minutes. “Vondeling” opens with an incredibly basic but inviting guitar tune, followed by a magical variation of a few measures, which are then looped the hell out of for minutes on end. Yet not a single moment does it sound too repetitive, as underlying synth layers wax and wane gradually. The guitar then surrenders in silence to an upcoming dissonance, that sounds like a vague mist where nothing dares thread.
“Het vlakke land” follows a similar pattern – eerie, strung-out synths are the foundation for a few guitar-based sounds, simple plucked tunes, slides and other such effects. It’s not until the final section of this track that Monnik strays away from dulcet melodies to really gritty noise, devoid of anything agreeable. A climax in gray emptiness.
What Monnik produced has more distinct features than most drone/soundscape stuff (in this case the very real guitar plucking). It’s really something to hold onto during a listening session, but on the other hand, the remainder of the soundscape is a bit meagre. It’s like a painting on which not all details are yet finished – some strokes are missing, although you can already perfectly recognize what the painting depicts. At heart however, the music does what it’s supposed to do: lure you into your own imaginary world.

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