Dirk Serries – Unseen descending and lamentations

dirkserriesThe latest solo album by Dirk Serries is plainly “one track per side”, a little over twenty minutes each. For lack of titles, let’s take #1 to start with. Here, Serries evokes an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere through those typical thick synth lines. It’s splendid how little there’s going on (in terms of story, or a climax) but even then how easily one gets mesmerized. There’s a multitude of these synth sounds, each arising out of nothing and fading back into silence – that’s what makes it feel like something’s happening. But they overlap so smoothly and constantly, so that once you’re floating on these cloudy layers, you’re not getting off. Amidst this and zooming and fluttering, time quickly passes by until the song deteriorates into a single, bassy, vibrant soundwave.
#2 contains more inherent contrasts and is thus the more interesting track. A very light base layer of noise opens the way for a simple droning bass line (two notes?), but it’s a perfect setup for creating an enchanting effect and for supporting the melodies in the higher registers. Slowly but surely, #2 grows broader, fuller and distorted, relentlessly demanding all your focus. Just as the spectrum becomes too crowded and intense, a quick decrescendo finishes the vision.
I’m no expert when it comes to Serries’ discography, but the qualities of “Unseen descending and lamentations” make for a worthwile release, undoubtedly.

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