Kali Yuga – Kali Yuga

kaliThe band’s name sounds familiar to me, and indeed, upon digging in the archives I have found my reviews for their 2011 and 2013 releases as well. It seems they have shifted more towards melodic death metal and reduced the metalcore touches (what’s left of them is disguised as melodic metal). That’s one of my tips they’ve taken to heart. And there’s another advice they seem to have read: finally, the drummer’s tossing in some decorative and creative hits, beyond the ordinary patterns. So little effort and so much positive vibes for the active listener.
The gritty guitars appear to be downtuned quite a few steps, and thus easily manage to construct yet another solid wall of classic sounding death metal. Lots of power chords and lots of melodic lines – it’s an incredibly smooth album to listen to. But smooth also means traditional, in the sense that many of the lead parts are rather cheesy and mundane. A simple approach, but one that works: that’s what counts, right?
As far as I can judge my own reviews after a few reviews, this self-titled release is Kali Yuga’s best: more complete musicianship produced powerful songs that in the end do manage to surpass a predictable, mediocre level.

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