Ekca Liena – Graduals

a2824376753_10First of all, I love the nearly pitch-black cover – and there’s actually a credit for photography and artwork, which is quite amusing.
Graduals is not just an album title, it’s representative of the music as well. The album starts off with three very calm pieces. Both “Mattie Devore” and “Summoning dust” are quite similar, it feels like you’re sitting in a canoe and slowly meandering through an alien landscape. The curves are gentle, the pace is low and the rough sections limited to a minimum. Coincidentally, the fourth song represents some sort of water scene, included seagulls passing by in the distance. The pace increases slightly and the sounds become more animated – truly the image is evoked of passing a settlement along the shore and watching its inhabitants perform their chores. And so Ekca Liena has a few more scenes for us, which I’ll leave for you to discover. As the journey lengthens, it gets a tad more difficult and intense. Then again, the noise ratio remains low in this otherwise soothing and easy-going ambient. A rather impressionistic soundscape that takes you to places, and back.

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