Wiegedood – De doden hebben het goed

wiegedoodWiegedood is comprised of three experienced musicians (Amenra, Rise and Fall, Oathbreaker) who will deliver their debut album in May 2015, both on CD and 12″ vinyl. Of course, with ringing band names like that, our minds automatically turn to visions of sludge, doom and post-metal. Not quite.
Perhaps distant family of Oathbreaker’s “blackened post-metal”, Wiegedood produces black metal you cannot help but worship. Let me narrow it down first, what this specific brand of black metal sounds like. It’s – what did you expect from these guys – still highly atmospheric but not too polished in doing so. The mood is set by long stretches of blastbeats and a fairly raw guitar tone (actually it’s gritty as fuck) – it’s not lo-fi (nor badly produced) yet you get the feeling it is: authentic and old school.
All this nonstop madness is balanced by the periodic acoustic interludes and slow-paced passages – again, amazing atmospheric tunes and haunting melodies given shape through a perfect mix. Wiegedood is a cousin of Altar of Plagues, Wolves in the Throne Room, … but with an own musical identity that is strikingly powerful. If you don’t resist, these four tracks will both hypnotize and grasp you in one way or another.
Regardless of their other bands, Wiegedood’s members have earned their stripes all over again with this release. The only way this album could’ve been better is a longer playtime: how about 60 minutes instead of under 40, next time?

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