Huinca – Sic Semper Tyrannis (Digmetalworld/MVD)

huincaI truly would love to see HUINCA do for the Chilean metal scene what Sepultura did for the Brazilian metal scene – and then the metal scene at large. What I’m saying is I hope HUINCA draws some real attention to Chile’s metal scene while also making a name for itself globally. These guys have some hard, hard rock attitude but those grooves are metallic as hell. Crisp guitar that’s wrapped in grizzled barbed wire – clean but dirty – with vocals that shoot out a distinctive growl. It doesn’t even matter that a lot of it’s in a different language. I don’t care. This is great fucking metal. HUINCA has a sound of its own and, even better, that sound is open to adoration by mainstream metallers and the more die-hards as well. HUINCA’s SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS is full of fuck-you, grooves, aggression and even metal melody, and it’s got that crossover appeal while remaining entirely true to metal potency. Also, SUPER BADASS cover art. It’s some of the finest fantasy metal style cover I’ve ever seen. It makes you think, “Is it power metal? Doom metal?” No! It’s neither. It’s HUINCA. And that means don’t judge by the cover (but by all means enjoy the cover); judge by the music. The verdict won’t take long to come in. Your ears will signal your brain instantly. In love after the first track. Seriously.

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