Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (Impulse Pictures)

female-teacherFEMALE TEACHER: DIRTY AFTERNOON is a bit more than its title would suggest. It has the big serious streak missing from “Nympho Diver: G-String Festival”, also a Nikkatsu release. This installment of the FEMALE TEACHER franchise is another title that displays Nikkatsu’s diversity and creativity with adult cinema in the studio’s heyday. The story isn’t trite, a surprise for the sex film genre (though it deals with not uncommon themes) but not as surprising for a J-flick from this studio. A teacher is called in to assist a former student of hers who, it seems, has been luring men into hotels for sex but without requiring money. She’s not being a prostitute, which is what authorities suspect of her. In the present [FEMALE TEACHER: DIRTY AFTERNOON, 1981], the teacher has a healthy, you might even say voracious, sexual appetite. But she also has a history; the rape in her past is revealed in a slo-mo flashback made even creepier by the old-school pantyhose type mask. At any rate, the viewer is provided with three sexual story threads, each with its own dynamic. DIRTY AFTERNOON also provides mysteries. Who sexually assaulted the teacher back when? Why is the student seducing older men? Wouldn’t you like to know? (There are also broader implications connected to Teach’s situation and the ugly part of her personal history.) The movie is a subversive melodrama and a straight-faced erotic thriller. (It does have its doofy moments, which seem to be a common thread throughout Japanese pop culture.) DIRTY AFTERNOON is among a dirty dozen or so of pictures under the FEMALE TEACHER umbrella. It’s also considered to be one of the most shocking. I’m sure what I’ve said hints at the nature of the underbelly of the beast. You’ll have to plunge into the depths for yourself.

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