Carl Jackson: Through the Eyes of a Caddy

carl-jacksonIt’s nice to see some novelty in the glutted – make that choked – how-to-golf vid market. Over the years since the introduction of home video and throughout the evolution of that media technology, there have appeared fearsome numbers of golfing videos, golfing DVDs, golfing Blu-Rays, no doubt. This pro and that pro and this not-even-a-pro and that semi-pro and even jokesters have all put out golfing videos, golfing DVDs …. Well, here is another golfing DVD. Yet is is NOT another golfing DVD. I mean, it’s about golfing but the angle of approach is different. We see the game in a different light, through a different set of eyes. The caddy is out there all the time, but we never think about what HE (or SHE) thinks about the game, do we? Well, we do now. CARL JACKSON: THROUGH THE EYES OF A CADDY offers the viewer insight into the game “from the other side of the bag.” And this isn’t just ANY caddy. Nope. This guy caddied for Augusta Masters’ for half a fucking century and was Ben Crenshaw’s caddy for more than three decades. And a great caddy – such as Jackson – knows golf. So why haven’t golfers been plying their ears for years? Well, it’s never too late to start.

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