Rabbits – Bites Rites (Good to Die Records)

A heavy – and I do mean heavy – band with a name like RABBITS must be unique. Either that or they’re just trying to (a) lure or (b) repel potential customers with the oddness of the moniker. Then there’s the album name: BITES RITES. So, yeah, going into this i was expecting an unusual experience. Which isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of familiar elements hear. Cough drop vocals roaring hilariously-angrily smart-ass lyrical content while doom and hardcore elements crash headlong into each other. Now, nothing I’ve said up there is particularly unusual in the heavy scene’s underground. But the way RABBITS brings all this together – the way the vocals sound hxc as hell yet somehow distinctive, the guitars chugging rhythmic beatings via hammerheavy riffs, pounding drums and thumping bass providing a special skeleton for the rather special goings on – is what makes BITES RITES a special record. In the end, there’s no good way for me to put into words the je ne se quoi ┬áthat sets RABBITS apart from other bands. But, trust me, they’re holy. (That’s what “holy” means – set apart; don’t let the Jesus freaks get you all riled up with the terminology – metallers/hxcers/punkers, we all have our own sacred stuff.)

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