Huata – Atavist of a Mann (Throatruiner)

Along comes a band to give Electric Wizard – one of my favorite doom metal bands, btw – a REAL run for its money. HUATA knows how to clobber the listener with granite but groovy riffs. The sound is huge and encompassing and moves your head whether you like it or not. It’s evil as fuck with mondo, mondo, loads and loads of dense atmospherics. It comes on like a bulldozer in slow-mo that you can’t outrun – because in your dreams you get paralyzed sometimes. This nightmare will paralyze you – no doubt. You’ll be stuck, helpless, between your headphones while Gojira size riffs beat hellfire out of you – while infusing you with the blackest fires of the nether realms – enjoying every dark-ass fucking minute of it.

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