Dylath-Leen – Cabale

Dylath-Leen plays atmospheric death metal, a label that’s sort of appropriate. I have the feeling that the band have achieved very much the sound they’ve aimed for. The drums are very clinically produced and the guitars embody a heavily palm-muted, chopped up style. These aspects, in combination with some synth or piano sampling, make the whole sound measured, thought-out and perhaps industrial or gothic at times. Despite the droning pace, the hints of melody and groovy rhythms turn the songs into worthwhile compositions. Interesting note: the band have both a male and female vocalist, who randomly take songs for their account, it seems. The variation is nice, mostly because neither of them sound entirely comfortable: especially the growls seem forced and too raspy. Still, “Cabale” is certainly at nod-along level, so decent enough to enjoy if you can cope with the style.

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