Eros School: Feels so Good (Impulse)

EROS SCHOOL: FEELS SO GOOD pulls off the weird trick of being both dopey and disturbing. It’s essentially a sex farce but drags in such disparate influences as high school melodrama, raunchy romantic comedy, sports movies, teen rivalry, etc. A dorky guy at school has heavy sex fantasies about Misa, the school’s top athlete and, of course, popular and desirable girl. Poor dork that he is, he suffers horrible humiliations, both at the hands of his ill-timed fantasies and through the cruel machinations of his classmates – particularly the girls. There’s something very anime-ish in that regard. Horny foppish young males are a staple of anime, particularly of the sexy variety. Of course, this 1977 film is Japanese, so its digging around in the same fertile cultural soil as anime. It also means that not only is EROS SCHOOL dopey, it’s wacky in a way only the Japanese seem to be capable of cinematically. (There’s an incredulous martial arts turned sexual horseplay sequence.) It’s also a mash-up of seemingly conflicting moods and ideas, something else that seems reasonably common – or at least not uncommon – in J films. This ties in with the wackiness. There’s the already-mentioned anime goofballness. There’s also a straw-hat wearing hick named Ryu the Rapist, a reform school veteran, who shows up at Misa’s school and sets his sights on her. Though she and her friends have no use for the fop and his buddy, they see them as useful tools to play off against Ryu. So rape and weirdo humor both have a place in the film. Picture this: Blood drips from a just-raped girl onto the steps upon which she sits. A pig, who has just been violated, laps at the blood. See what I mean?

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