Redd Foxx (MVD Audio / Cult Collectibles)

As part of MVD Audio and Cult Collectibles’ line of “OLD SCHOOL COMEDY CLASSICS” comes this vintage live performance from Redd Foxx, who here is far more racy than he ever could have been on his television show. “I AIN’T LIED YET” is a window into multiple worlds. For one thing, it is, indeed, a look at old school comedy. This was back when live comedy often as not meant telling jokes rather than the observational humor more prevalent today. Beyond that, it’s also a chance to be a fly on the wall in a time when and a place where there was more of a racial divide, and that includes in the entertainment world. As a white listener, I felt like I had an opportunity to be somewhere I couldn’t have been in real life. So this is an important historical document, not just an old comedy record. But as far as that part of it goes – yes, it is funny. Redd Foxx has an incredible stage presence and his ability to tell jokes – it is a talent – and his fearless voyage into vulgar territory make for a helluva good time.

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