Ignitor – Year of the Metal Tiger (DVD Audio)

A lot of people will hate this. That said, those folks’ opinions must be disregarded. Those with true appreciation of classic heavy metal will LOVE this – as I did. The guitar riffs are the first thing to catch you. Very much an old school thing but at the same time it carries some meat-n-muscle reflective of modern sensibilities. One can see the same thing in the Scorpions’ latter day albums. Beyond this there are the expected tenor metal opera vocals that occasionally veer into a very distinctive style. YEAR OF THE METAL TIGER ┬átotally deserves double horn fingers, cigarette lighters – the whole shebang. IGNITOR’s name is a huge clue to what they’re all about. What screams old school metal more than a name like that? And this is some NEW classic metal. So dig in and prepare to head-bang!

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