Panchrysia – Massa Damnata

It’s been half a decade since I’ve heard Panchrysia. I’m glad to witness “Massa Damnata” – clearly, cold apatheia is still the catalyst for the band’s hymns. The style has remained unchanged in essence, with mid-tempo beats and riffs that convey nothing and everything at once. Yet a veil has fallen over the compositions: a veil which enhances our impressions and heightens the experience. It is that magic quality only possessed by compelling music. Panchrysia has achieved it on “Massa Damnata”. In “Black God” there’s a reminiscence of Keep of Kalessin, and shadows of greats like Satyricon echo throughout the album.Every track extends the infallible web of atmospheres. While the album is musically steadfast and powerful, its balances precariously between agression and ambiance. For some not a preferred approach, but the album’s merits are undeniable in any case.

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