Pathology – Awaken To the Suffering (Victory Records)

Man, this sick shit. If you took grindcore with nasty-ass pig-snorkle death grunts and slowed it all down – you’d have “Awaken to the Suffering.” Get sick and suffer is the best advice I can give you. Metalheads who like their death metal to tie innards into knots and vibrate through your colon – speaking metaphorically, I mean – then this mid-tempo death dirge (relatively speaking, compared to typical death metal speeds) is exactly the petri dish of vile putrescence you need to suck down. You’ll have to suck it down through your ears, of course, since that’s how all of us – from pop fans to metal elitists – ingest our goods. Just that some of us want our musical food infected. For that, dear metal fans, I prescribe Pathology.

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