Carnifex – Until I Feel Nothing (Victory Records)

Carnifex continues the trend of being one of, IMHO, the finest purveyors of deathcore one can lay one’s hands on. And, by all means, make like a faith healer and lay your hands on this one. “Until I Feel Nothing” is the mix of brutality, technicality and complexity I’ve come to expect from this deathcore dominator. Carnifex will blast you right to hell with the thick wall of always moving and highly orchestrated death metalcore fusion. There’s a lot going on, a lot to listen to. It’s a terribly smart album, just like the last one, flooded with ferocity and blasting with metal muscles only flexed by the best in the business. An overpowering tsunami of rumbling lows and screeching highs in the vox department, intense gut rumbling of bass and drums and guitars that lay you low with a web of vicious intricacy. “Until I Feel Nothing” is probably a reference to the listener after this album’s done with him ……

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