Keith Lowell Jensen – Cats Made Of Rabbits (Apprehensive Films)

Keith Lowell Jensen is a smart, funny guy. But if you’re easily offended, I’d give this one a pass. Of course, there are a lot of comedians about which you could make that statement. But besides the naughty humor, there is also his humor targeted at creationism and other such religious fantasies. Jensen is an atheist and isn’t afraid to tackle the topic. Regardless of your spiritual turn of mind, as long as you’re open minded, this is some intelligent hilarity. And, just for the record, it’s not like he spends his whole hour religion bashing, and religion as a whole isn’t really his target. It’s bad religion! But there are plenty of other things in Jensen’s comedic scope, such as homophobia, politics, 11-year-olds who say “fuck” but don’t get tampon jokes … and lots more. Jensen is an engaging personality and, while edgy and – for the narrow-minded – offensive, he’s not abrasive. He’s genial and friendly and draws you in with his understated style. And, he’ll make you laugh. Out loud.

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